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This, she says, will change the printed material's properties in real time, opening the door to printing optimized, multifunctional structures. Materials provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Original written by Kelsey Damrad. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Further unraveling the mysteries of spider silk The study unearths a significant relationship between spider web structure, loading points, and failure mechanisms. Compton, Jennifer A.

Exploring mechanics of spider silk to design materials with high strength and low density

Lewis, Markus J. Structural optimization of 3D-printed synthetic spider webs for high strength. ScienceDaily, 15 May Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Exploring mechanics of spider silk to design materials with high strength and low density. Retrieved September 21, from www.

Why consider composites as a structural material?

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Increased wear resistance, which will increase the service life of the engine and lower operational costs. MGI Partner s :.

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Department of Commerce DOC. Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science CTCMS Mission The Center's mission is to support the Material Measurement Laboratory's mission in materials measurement and data delivery by: developing, solving, and quantifying materials models using state-of-the-art computational approaches; creating opportunities for collaboration where CTCMS can make a positive difference by virtue of its structure, focus, and people; developing powerful new tools for materials theory and modeling and accelerating their integration into industrial research.

Dissipative heating is also considered.

COMAT 2014 - Recent Trends in Structural Materials

However, for thin film glasses many properties including the mechanical response are affected by chemical topology. We systematically study the morphology, size and dispersion of TiB2 particles formed in-situ from Fe-TiB2 based melts, as well as their chemical composition, crystal structure and mechanical properties.

Smart Materials - Anna Ploszajski - [email protected]

Microstructures of Fe—TiB2 metal-matrix-composites formed in-situ from Fe—Ti—B melts were investigated for hypo- and hyper-eutectic concentrations down to atomic-scale resolution. Secondly, annealing of amorphous matrix material obtained from very fast solidification leads to fine dispersed nano-scaled precipitation of TiB2 particles. We report on the microstructure, texture and deformation mechanisms of a novel ductile lean duplex stainless steel Fe— The austenite is stabilized by Mn, C, and N instead of Ni.

The epsilon-martensite forms in the austenite with an orientation relationship close to Shoji—Nishiyama. The ferrite deforms by dislocation slip and contains cell substructures. Following the theoretical predictions, the alloys of interest are cast and characterized with respect to their crystallographic structure, microstructure, texture, and elastic stiffness.

Various levels of model approximations to describe mechanical and thermodynamic properties are tested and critically evaluated. The experiments are conducted both, on some of the binary alloys and on two more complex engineering alloy variants, namely, Ti—35 wt.

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Metals are the backbone of manufacturing owing to their strength and formability. There is, however, one exception: magnesium. The alloy contains 1 wt.

Advanced Structural Materials | Titanium | Composite Material

We propose an approach for the computationally efficient and quantitatively accurate prediction of solid-solution strengthening. Metallurgical Alloy Design. What is alloy design and why do we do it?

Alloy design for density reduced TWIP steels.