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Print ads were simple to measure - size of ad and the reach of the medium where it was placed. Find the scale of the reach and multiply it by the cost of the advert placement. Take a look. Thankfully, the majority of the PR industry realized it was lagging behind, and ditched AVEs for a more strategic measurement process.

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Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. Chartered Institute of Public Relations. What came out of this meeting was the Barcelona Principles - now considered to be a universal standard of measurement. They recognize the need for outcome - rather than output - based PR measurement. They also readily accept social media as a means of communication.

There are seven general guidelines that you should implement. Take a look at the original version, and the update. Check here for more information about The Barcelona Principles. The process is simple. Start with goals. Check results according to whether goals were scored. When PR goals equate with business results, determining the success and value of your PR efforts is easier. Never underestimate the benefits of measuring your PR campaigns. The insights that are found will aid decision making and future planning.

Barcelona Principle 1 - Goal setting and measurement are fundamental in communication and public relations. Defining your strategic objectives. Then you can develop strategies that take consumers through the communications funnel.

Stage one: Signals amidst the noise

Remember the definition of public relations? Take this and the Barcelona Principles and you can accurately track your PR efforts. First, you need to understand the difference between the measures - output, outtake, and outcome. Outputs Outputs measure what your business does.

Outtakes Outtakes measure consumers' sentiment towards your brand, following a PR campaign. For instance, trustworthy, friendly, innovative, fun. Bounce rate would be considered an outtake metric. Outcomes Outcomes measure what consumers do as a result of being exposed to your PR communications. Actions or behavioral changes could include:.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Delivering results that PR experts can use to feed future marketing strategies and make informed business decisions.

Let the tool do the hard work. Traditional PR still has a place in our digital world and includes event coordination, trade shows, speech making, event sponsorship, and press release distribution - newspapers, television, radio. Traditional PR judges success based on how a brand is portrayed in print - positively, negatively. Did our message come across clearly, how many times was our message mentioned?

Traditional media monitoring brings a comprehensive view of reputation across television, newspapers and other traditional media.

With our social listening tool, you can track media from these traditional publishers and from social media platforms. Most dedicated social lisening tools are able to crawl many different types of site, including forums, news sites, blogs, review sites, and more.

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Similar to traditional, in that the idea is to build relationships, increase brand awareness, etc. Digital PR - unlike traditional - impacts SEO search engine optimization and link building strategies. These are measurable tactics that bring actual results and insights. These are tactics that cannot be ignored if you want to stand a chance of being found in search engine result pages.

Here are the most important metrics, from traditional to digital. What is the goal of your email marketing? Do you want to increase your list, bring in more leads, convert leads to customers? Set your goals and determine which metrics you should track. Use trackable links so you know which email campaign is bringing leads, and measure these metrics:. They know who you are, what you do, and could be waiting for you to contact them. You need to know where these potential prospects are coming from.

Trackable links - a crucial part of good PR measurement - come into play. Use them to track the routes taken by consumers - guest blog, social media, press mentions, etc. Whatever your sales conversion rate, you must track them. What post turned them from a lead to someone spending money? For the full picture, track customers from lead to sales and identify which campaigns worked. Customer loyalty and boosted reputation, are hard evaluate, which makes it difficult to determine the value. Are your brand messages being heard, being engaged with?

Neutral comments, praiseworthy mentions, and the downright rude. Determine which of your PR campaigns brought about the mentions.

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When social media hit the streets, it turned marketing on its head. You can speak to new audiences, offer technical support, and engage with consumers. Factors include likes, views, shares, comments. This data will show you when your followers are online and more likely to engage. What content is working, and what is leaving your audience cold.

Every part of your website should be shareable - blog posts, videos, infographics. Okay, so you know that someone mentioned you on Twitter, but was it a neutral, positive, or negative comment. The most serious spike, on January 9, was caused by a YouTube video ridiculing the brand. Inside the Big Mac, you will find that two patties are topped with iceberg lettuce, finely chopped onions, pickles, and special sauce, while the bottom one also gets a slice of American cheese.

Beat the Press : Your Guide to Managing the Media -

Each burger contains calories, 8g fat 3g saturated fat, 0g trans fat , mg sodium, 31g carbs 2g fiber, 6g sugar , 13g protein. You ruined my night, McDonalds.

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Fix your damn ice cream machines. But good PR practices dictate that sentiment should be tracked, and addressed. This is super important. Analyzing these spikes in traffic, will determine whether your campaign is working or not. Bounce rate is an outtake metric that reveals how your site visitors are reacting to your website. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website. Both scenarios need improvement. Share of voice measures how much of the conversation from consumers is owned by your brand, compared with your competitors.

Tracking your SOV means you can monitor brand awareness and audience engagement. When you have your results, ask questions. Is it a publication you could publish in?

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An event you should have attended? Your audience is on Facebook - are you there? Monitor yours and those of your competitors. DA demonstrates how your website compares. The higher the authority of your site, the higher your page ranking in SERPs. Everyone wants their website on page one of Google. This coveted space can bring more leads to your website, build trust with consumers, increase traffic, bring in more money. Dan Grech.

This course will show you how to be a better listener. Jill Geisler.